Ponds-DBM Ltd

Our ponds: Water is an elixir for life!

I believe that for leisure and recreation value, water should be at the heart of every garden.

The tinkle, gurgle, dribble or gush are so descriptive and evoke a feeling in our hearts, and wellbeing in our souls, but are nothing compared to the actual sounds to hear and feel, when sat by your own water feature.

There are such diverse possibilities for you to obtain a piece of living habitat in your garden with a water feature.

Will this give you the passion for water?

There can be so many different types; Informal Pond, Natural Pond, Wildlife Pond, Formal Pond, Water Feature, Pebble Pool, Waterfall, Stream or Fountain - anything you can imagine can be created.

Wildlife Pond
You will be amazed at how soon and what a vast variety of wildlife will visit a pond. If the pond is large or small, wildlife will find it and it will soon be teeming with a diversity of life.

Informal and Natural Ponds
These are only limited by your imagination and budget.

Formal Ponds
These can bring structure and order to a garden.

Pebble Pool
Pebble Pools are still the most popular way of creating a personalised water feature. These provide a means by which the simplest and safest water features can be tailored to your own needs.

Waterfall, Stream and Fountain
These will add an extra dimension to the beauty of your water garden with the sparkling and tumbling of the water as it cascades down.